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At Ashish Parmar Photography, we aim to incite and induct you into the incredible world of digital photography. Our training methods provide insight into the technical aspects of handling a DSLR as well as tips and tricks that will transform an average picture into a frame-worthy work of art. We believe that a smaller troupe means a superior learning experience. For his students, Ashish values individual care on field as opposed to a classroom sort of set up.

Our workshops/photo tours are entirely planned and led by Ashish Parmar , himself. As India’s most diverse photographer, Ashish has the experience of many photographers rolled in one. He has a reputation of breaking down each tour and ironing out even the most intricate details before launching them. So, our participants focus on photography during the tours and make incredible pictures instead of concerning themselves with other nitty-gritty. Ashish’s friendly disposition has gotten him a network of indispensable allies in every national park and his ability to soak in and appreciate heterogeneous communities, their food and culture, helps him translate his workshop/photo tours to unforgettable memories .

Ashish Parmar Photography, at every location, associates only with those hosts who are intricately involved in their respective environs. They are immensely knowledgeable and are known to have a deep passion for what they do. At our base camps our hosts, guides or drivers are well acquainted with their terrain; and wildlife is their forte. They know the area, its flora and fauna like the back of their hand. Be it at a wildlife game reserve or at an exotic landscape locale, this is what makes Ashish Parmar Photography a class apart!


You are never too young or too old to join us on one of our tours. There are no qualifications or any experience required. We only ask that you have an interest in photography, be a nature enthusiast or an inquisitive traveller and we will happily convert it into your passion. So it does not matter if you are just out of school, managing a house, looking for a hobby to de-stress or something to keep you busy after retirement. You are welcome to learn photography with us. The magical memories you make will just be a spin-off of our adventures together.

For those keen souls who want to make career out of photography, you are in luck! We are always looking out for energetic and enthusiastic interns. Since we provide a wide array of services especially shooting music concerts/gigs and weddings, get in touch with Ashish and who knows, you may next be shooting India's biggest dance music festival alongside him!

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