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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever & impossible to reproduce. Here are a few of mine, for you to savour."

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Ashish Parmar is a self taught Bangalore based photographer. 18 years ago, he began his journey into the world of photography. Since then,he has specialised in offering professional photography services to small businesses and high end clients. He feels that photography helps him break the monotony of work that is confined by people or locations and that it truly makes the whole world his playground.

Over the last decade and half, Ashish has been exploring different forms of photography from people to products, from food to fashion and from travel to hospitality. However, he feels that his true artistic expression and creative satisfaction comes forth through wildlife, candid wedding and dance music photography. Bearing testimony to this is the Canon Nature Photographer of the Year Award; which he won in 2009 and his images being recognised by National Geographic Stock imagery, TIME magazine, The Natural History Museum, Better Photography magazine, Jetwings and SAEVUS.

Photography being Ashish's passion. He has two ventures that are close to his heart.

In 2009, he co founded and is the Director of Bangalore Photography Workshops (BPW) Pvt. Ltd., an entrepreneurial pursuit through which he has trained 7000+ students in various forms of photography. BPW conducts specialised photography workshops and trails across the globe.

In 2013, Ashish founded a camera equipment rental firm - Progear Hire. In less than a year, it has skyrocketed into Bangalore's biggest and most popular camera equipment renatl company.

Few of his clientele:

Royal Challengers - Chief Photographer, DLF IPL

Kingfisher Oktoberfest - Official Photographer

Vh1 Supersonic, India's biggest & longest dance music festival- Official Photographer

Future Music Festival Asia, Malaysia - Official Photographer

STORM, Camp-out Music Festival - Official Photographer

CIRKUS Indigo, Bangalore's own music festival - Official Photographer

GO:MADRAS Electronic Music Festival, Chennai - Official Photographer

Bangalore International Airport - Associate Photographer

With Electronic Dance Music (EDM) photography being his specialty; he has worked closely with and photographed 100+ national and international artists.

Ashish has transitioned from black and white to colour. And now on to digital. His gear from a Pentax K-100 to Canon AE-1. Today he uses top of the line equipment. His kit comprising of Canon 1Dx, Canon 5D Mark3 & a selection of Canon lenses ranging from 8-15mm Fisheye to 500mm and beyond to complement his "shooting arsenal".

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